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The Girl That I, Another Girl, Am In Love With

Hey! I decided to start a blog to share some stories since I'm not going to start another story everytime I had something to say about her.

First of all, I'd like to say that she's so gorgeous and so sweet sometimes it makes me melt inside and want to kiss her all over.

Today she came here to my house with another friend of ours who was at the sleepover and we had so much fun, I almost told her she was bi, but I was so afraid she was going to stop talking to me that I didn't.

She and my other friend were lying on the ground because it was so hot today, it was about 90 degrees or 37 degrees Celsius, it was so hot! Then my friend unhooked my crush's bra through her shirt, because the hook was exposed in her back, then she untied her blouse, leaving her almost naked there. Then my crush made over to my bed, where I was, and lied down. We lied down next to each other for some time, then I went to the bathroom and came back and she sat up on the bed, pulled her blouse down to her stomach and hooked her bra again, but that seemed to go on so slowly for me I was stopping me from jumping on her. Then she sighed and pulled her shirt back on and tied it.

We went downstairs on the ballroom on my builing to play some table tennis and we were playing and running around like two little kids. When we came back up to my apartment and we grabbed my window crayons and sat on the ground and drew on each other all over. I drew on her and she drew on me and we laughed all the time.

While we were lying on my bed, I accidentally touched her butt many times and my God, her blouse was so low all the times she was lying down, I could almost see her boobs all the time and it almost made me drool. We played truth or dare on my iPhone and she was asked if she would consider kissing the person on her left (me) and she didn't say 'no' exactly, she said 'yeah, I dying to kiss you' in a not so sarcastic tone.

One of these days I called her 'love' by accident (which wasn't that weird since I already call her 'babe') and her eyes changed, like they started to shine, and a few days later she started calling me 'love' and 'my love'. And I love the way her eyes shine when she smiles or when she laughs, it makes me happy.

Anyway, this girls makes me feel so amazing and I so want to tell her I'm bi, but she's gonna be freaked because she changed in front of me several times.

I don't know what to do, I want her so badly but I can't get her because she's straight and she has a boyfriend.

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The Girl That I, Another Girl, Am In Love With, posted November 9th, 2012

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